Sponsored Job

  • CareersSearch has technology available at no charge that will allow you to track applicants when advertising on our site. This technology is available for all clients that post jobs directly on CareersSearch.
  • Yes, with our advertisement on thousand of website, including google, yahoo, and business information sites, career expert sites, blogs and search engines. We ensures your jobs reach the largest possible audience of both passive and active job seekers.
  • CareersSearch makes it easy for employers to measure every aspect of their recruitment campaign. There is extreme details of result at the dashboard of employer, where the employer can track the result of campaign and our client services team can help you track campaign results in the environment that best suits your needs if you need their assistance.
  • You can sponsor job as much as you like base on the level of your target, budget and convenience.
  • The budget you set will determine how many people see your jobs and how you rank against other businesses in search results. Your ideal budget depends on how many jobs you have, the type of jobs, your location and industry. Not sure where to start? Contact us for a recommended budget.
  • You can post a job directly on Indeed to sponsor it. After filling in your job description, enter how much you want to spend to make your job appear higher in search results for more relevant candidates will see it. You can change your budget or stop promoting your job any time. You can also sponsor jobs from your career site or applicant tracking system. We’ll help you decide which jobs to promote and how to budget. Contact us to get started.
  • Sponsored Jobs get better visibility on CareersSearch by appearing at the top of search engine area, When someone searches for jobs. Sponsored Jobs are 100% 9.5X more likely to result in a hire than free job.
  • With our job search engine, job seekers get access to millions of jobs from all over the Web and employers reach relevant talent for every type of position. Unlike other sites that charge per job posting regardless of results, It is absolutely free to post job on careerssearch but you only pay if you want your job to be featured on the top of search area and ranked first at the jobs search engine area, so as to gain more and instant visibility.
  • After a person clicks on your job on CareersSearch, they are taken directly to the job description on your career site so they can apply through your career site or applicant tracking system. If you don’t have a career site, you can post jobs directly on CareersSearch and receive applications by email. Manage all candidates within your CareersSearch dashboard. Review applications, schedule interviews and view recommended candidates.
  • When people search for jobs on CareerasSearch, they enter keywords relevant to their interests and background. Your jobs will be displayed by featured at the top of search results when your job title, description, location and other information relates to the search terms entered. The most relevant job seekers will see your job information.


CareersSeasrch Resume

  • We over 3 flexible plans that employer can choose for CareersSearch Resume. Our Simple subscription includes 30 contacts a month for $40, our Standard subscription includes 100 contacts a month for $100 and our Professional subscription includes 200 contacts a month for $180. If you make an annual purchase you’ll be able to save 20%
  • Only employer account will be able to purchase a subscription. You can purchase a subscription at careerssearch.com/resumes.
  • Each subscription can only be assigned to one employer at a time.
  • Monthly contacts expire 1 year after being granted. Please note that contacts are only available for use with a non-expired subscription.
  • You can view a candidate’s contact information once they have replied to your initial message. We protect job seekers’ privacy until they are ready to engage with employers to provide the best experience for job seekers.